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  • How UNI Optics ensure the quality? Nov 19 ,2019
    100% Online Measurement. For spherical lens, we measure every lens on each processing step, including dimension, thickness, surface quality, surface flatness and coating etc. Once not passing, will re-doing immediately. Here's a picture for your review. Contact to experience our excellent service now!
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  • UNI OPTICS' Customized Objective Lenses Solution Aug 15 ,2019
    Any precision optical system requires mounting. High precision is often required to keep the system aligned and perform within specifications. UNI Optics designs the mechanics surrounding our optical systems with compact solutions, taking into account all the necessary precision with the end user in mind. Any lens custom solution, welcome to communicate with us:, our highly qu...
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  • UNI Optics Co., Ltd. Jun 14 ,2019
    UNI Optics Co., Ltd specializes in optical components and optical assemblies, located in Fuzhou,Fujian province, P.R. of China. UNI Optics now has more than 150 skilled employees, which include 15 dedicated engineers and over 6000 square meter of manufacturing facilities. We carry out ISO9001:2015 quality management system. We have strong capability to produce various custom-ma...
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