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Develop and Simulate Optical Systems-Fast Track from Design to Production.

You’re searching products you couldn’t find yet? Come and ask UNI OPTICS! And if  “your” product really aren’t available of the standard one, we design it for you! Exclusive OEM designs are possible.

UNI OPTICS develop the optimized optical systems(designs along the wavelength spectrum from UV to IR) that can be well adjusted to your system requirements. You profit from the extensive experience of our optic designers. We guarantee the functionality of the optical systems used in your products. When designing optics, we take into account all of the disciplines necessary for production, such as engineering, coating, production technologies and cost.

That is what we work for you:

1. Optical system design and optimization: Develop and Optimize Optical System according to your requirements in tandem with mechanical and coating design as well as the enable measurement and evaluation of performance.

2. Tolerance analysis and optimization in consideration of production possibilities.

3. State-of-the-art optical design enabling low cost solutions and stable production processes.

4. Optimized for environmental effects

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