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UNI Optics Co., Ltd specializes in optical components and optical assemblies, located in Fuzhou,Fujian province, P.R. of China. UNI Optics now has more than 150 skilled employees, which include 15 dedicated engineers and over 6000 square meter of manufacturing facilities. We carry out ISO9001:2015 quality management system. We have strong capability to produce various custom-made optical components and assembly, like lenses, prisms, windows and filters etc., moreover, various coating designs are available to us. Our products...
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OEM&ODM Service
Uni Optics is committed to provide the best service for our customers, we really care about the quality of our products and satisfaction. Please feel free to contact us, your experience, opinions and advice; we are here to listen or to help you when needed. OEM&ODM Service:   From prototype to volume production, Uni Optics is focused on providing ex...
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  • Uni Optics Relocation Notice

    Uni Optics Relocation Notice

    Good news! Business is so good that we’re expanding and moving our location to accommodate our growth. Our business and production are fully operational in the new facility, the new 6 floors building covers an area of about 10,000 square meters ...

  • UNI OPTICS-The first show in Shenzhen CIOE 2020
    September 17,2020.

    UNI OPTICS-The first show in Shenzhen CIOE 2020

    #UNI OPTICS#The first show in Shenzhen CIOE 2020# Best greetings from UNI Optics team. So pleased to share with you that we had a successful exhibition of CIOE 2020 in Shenzhen, China! The 2020 epidemic has witnessed Science and technology strength i...

  • Stand Up To Challenges, Seek New Ways Out │2020 Semi-Annual Meeting & Team Building

    Stand Up To Challenges, Seek New Ways Out │2020 Semi-Annual Meeting & Team Building

    Stand Up To Challenges, Seek New Ways Out │2020 Semi-Annual Meeting & Team Building On July 11th, 2020 all family members of UNI Optics attended the 2020 semi-annual meeting where achievements as well as shortcomings were summarized for the ...

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With rich design and production experience for many years, UNI Optics have provided precision optical components,opto-mechanical and opto-electronic systems for OEMs in a wide variety of industries, including medical, machine vision, lasers, sur...

Customer Testimonials


Mr. Goddard
We moved to Uni-Optics as a lens supplier a couple years ago.  This was primarily due to poor service and quality from another supplier. Our engineers were very impressed with the high quality and performance of new lenses from Uni-Optics. Our e...
Mr. Goddard

June 5,2019.

Mr. Ward
Thank you so much. I look forward to a great partnership with you and the UNI team! You have an amazing organization and I am looking forward to a great 2020!!!
Mr. Ward

December 5,2019.

Ms. BC
In my experience, Uni Optics has been able to delivery quality products to meet out needs. When there are any issues, you do your best to get us parts asap to prevent line down situations. We appreciate all your efforts and satisfied with the busines...
Ms. BC


We were very pleased about the filters from you company and we wish to make a large order very soon.


Kai Väisänen
This prism has been very hard to manufacture over the years with good yield. But your sample series was very good and I hope that you are able to manufacture these in the future too. 
Kai Väisänen


Thank you very much for your quick response. We have tested your lenses, and from a technical point of view the performances are good. It is a pleasure working with you and your company


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