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When you will need reverse-engineering?

1. The original products was discontinued, the suppliers drop product lines, change specifications, or go out of business altogether. If your product has come to rely on a unique part from a specific suppliers, an interruption in your supply chain can stop your entire production process.

2. Margin challenge: In a competitive market, the cost control will make sure to earn more chance, survival is all about maintaining a profit margin, it is definitely necessary for you to look for the alternative with more affordable solution, In these situations, reverse engineering could offer a cost-effective way to get your project back on track.

3. The off-the-shelf products to can’t 100% meet the project requirements. It may be necessary then to redesign or upgrade the existing optics. Our lens design and systems design experts excel at this.

Consulting the reverse engineering from UNI OPTICS

What’s the benefit from UNI OPTICS?

1. Designing for better performance at the same or lower cost.

2. You’re the owner of the relevant design property.

3. Continuous supply without the risk of interruption 

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