Coating Design

Coating plays a vital role in optics and optical assemblies to help optimize desired transmission and reflection effects within an optical system. Thin film coatings allow for optics to be more precise and complex without adding more elements. That is why it is important that the engineering staff at UNI OPTICS is excellent at designing optical systems that use many different coatings to meet the customer’s requirements.


We have an extensive inventory of over 400 coating designs our engineers can use to provide a stock solution to your requirements. Using a stock coating can often reduce your coating cost, as it increases the efficient use of the coating chamber. In the event a custom design is required, our Coating Engineer uses specialized software to design a coating to meet your spectral and environmental performance requirements.

Coating definitions: 

Ro: Reflectance at central wavelength  

Rs: Reflectance for S-plane polarization
Rp: Reflectance for P-plane polarization
R: Reflectance for random polarization  

Tp:Transmittance for p-plane polarization

Ts: Transmittance for S-plane polarization 
T: Transmittance for random polarization


Quality Standard

Uni-Optics well-analytical equipment allows a variety of measurements. measure the coating spectral curves by Perkin-Elmer Lambda 750(UV/VIS/NIR) spectrophotometer for our coatings.

Abrasion:  Mil-C-675A
Adhesion:  Mil-M-13508C
Hardness:  MIL-M-13508C

Coating material

Coating material is used some high pure metals, dielectrics and semiconductors. All of our coating materials are according with RoHS request. Main coating materials we used are:
Metal: Al, Ag, Cu, Au, Cr, Ni-Cr
Oxides: SiO2ZrO2 TiO2, Nb2O5, Ta2O5, , HfO2, Gd2O3, Al2O3, etc
Fluorides: MgF2, LaF3
Sulfides: ZnS
Semiconductors: Si, Ge

Coating Type


AR Coating Series: SAR coating, VAR coating, WAR coating, DAR coating

HR Coating Series: DHR coating, MHR coating

Beamsplitter Coating Series: SPR & BPR coating FBS & CBS coating

Filter Coating Series: LWP & SWP coating, BP coating

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