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  • 1.Who is UNI optics?

  • UNI Optics specialize on high precision optics and lens system in China for many years. We provide our customers with one-stop optical solutions. Our highly skilled team with more than 15 years experience in designing, manufacturing, assembling and testing. Our integrated assemblies, lenses, prisms, mirrors, and filters are widely used in Machine Vision/Factory Automation, lasers, medical/life science, biometric, military applications.

    From prototype to volume production, UNI Optics is focused on providing excellence in customer service.  Whatever your requirements, we will work directly with you to ensure the project succeed.

    Typical products and service:

    Optical design
    Coating design
    Mechanical design
    Lens assembly system
    High resolution, low distortion and wide angle S-mount lens
    Machine vision filters(bandpass, long pass, UV-IR cut, polarizing etc.)

  • 2. What are your main products?

  • UNI Optics products consist of Customized optics like lens, prism, window, mirror, cylindrical lens etc., IR optics with Ge, Si, ZnSe material, and we also offer one-stop optical solution, to offer standard lenses, OEM and ODM service.
  • 3. What is your typical lead-time?

  • Windows = 2-4 Weeks, Lens = 4-6 Weeks, Prisms = 4-5 weeks

    There are many factors can affect delivery time, like the material, tooling request, processing size, shipping quantity etc..

  • 4. How many FAI items can Uni Optics do in one month?

  • Windows  = 20 Parts per month

    Lens = 10-20 Parts per month, it based on the processing difficulty.

    Prisms = 10-20 Parts per month, it based on the processing difficulty.

  • 5. Can you offer 100% inspection and 100% data?

  • Yes. These requirements need to be confirmed when send RFQ.

  • 6. What is your MOQ for optical parts?

  • No MOQ requirement. It depend on your requirements.

  • 7.What is the guarantee of your after service?

  • Our products are promised free from defects in workmanship and material for a period of 60 days. Repair or replacement will be made at no charge if we are informed of the defect within 30 days of shipment of the goods. Shipment errors will also be replaced free of charge. This warranty does not cover customer errors in ordering, improper handling, storing or other circumstances beyond our control. Our liability is limited to the price of the part or service we are providing.

  • 8.Can we sign an NDA agreement?

  • Yes. Even we didn't sign the NDA agreement,Please rest assured that all of your informations or drawings will be keep in absolutely confidential. And we don't disclosure the informations and drawings to third party. It is our basic business manner and priciple.
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