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Applications May 13 ,2019
With rich design and production experience for many years, UNI Optics have provided precision optical components,opto-mechanical and opto-electronic systems for OEMs in a wide variety of industries, including medical, machine vision, lasers, survey and measurement, defense and security, and so on. If the following applications are not in your list, contact us freely, we will be happy to learn from you.
Medical Instrument
If you are looking to enhance the image quality of your medical projects, here you may find what you need. UNI Optics has the ability and expertise to assist your design from prototype to mass production. UNI Optics is offering filters, polarizers, lenses and optical assembly for medical instrument.

Machine Vision
UNI Optics’ assembly lenses, bandpass and longpass filters are supporting machine vision inspection solutions used in a variety applications ranging from the semiconductor, electronics, biotech, assembly, to manufacturing markets throughout the world.

Lasers Devices
Large variety of optics and optical assembly designed for laser processing, but they are required critical precision, such as surface quality, irregularity, laser damage threshold and so on. UNI Optics can provide you the best quality of laser wavelength filters, high power PBS and laser collimating lenses.
 Survey and Measurement

UNI Optics’ optical components are widely used in survey and measurement equipments, for example, windows, mounted prisms, filters and lenses. Standard items may suitable for your projects directly, call us for details.

 Image Recognition
Image recognition is quite popular in recent years, laser bar code scanner, ID readers and finger print are very important tools for logistics and public security. UNI Optics’ optical components and mechanical parts are widely used in the application.
Defense and Security
As a very professional optics manufacturer, UNI Optics have provided custom defense optics and optical assemblies to defense contractors in the world. We have strict quality control policies and procedures, and with skillful workers to insure the high quality for our customers.

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