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Stand Up To Challenges, Seek New Ways Out │2020 Semi-Annual Meeting & Team Building 2020-07-21

Stand Up To Challenges, Seek New Ways Out │2020 Semi-Annual Meeting & Team Building

On July 11th, 2020 all family members of UNI Optics attended the 2020 semi-annual meeting where achievements as well as shortcomings were summarized for the past 2 quarters. In the meantime we pepped up the work for the next 6 months and discussed our development direction in the future.

Semi-Annual Meeting

At the beginning of 2020 COVID-19 brought us unprecedented impacts and challenges. Led by the instructions of Mr. Shen, president of UNI Optics, we responded calm and composed to the crisis and strove to seek new ways out. There also sprang up some progressive individuals and teams in the hard time.

Affected by the pandemic, the global economy suffered from a hard strike and a great number of enterprises were stuck in tension. Under such circumstances UNI Optics chose to stand up to the challenges, adjust work ideas in time, pay attention to every detail and implement every measure in the hope of eventually accomplishing our annual goals.

Team Building

“Sticks in a bundle can’t be broken but sticks taken singly can be easily broken”. Same applies to people. That’s what the team building held on July 12th was all about - unity. Only in unity can a team approach success more easily.

The purpose of this activity is to facilitate team communication, enhance teamwork, encourage everyone to take on their own responsibility and face challenges. And most importantly, reinforce unity.

“Suffering is part of our training program for becoming strong”. With the joint efforts and cooperation of UNI family members, all the high-intensity training tasks were successfully completed. We are also ready to put the same efforts and passion into day-to-day work and set sail for the journey ahead, and provide our customers with favorable optical solutions!

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